Khaireddin Naziir

Khaireddin Naziir ~ Jasser

Male, 09.12. 1990 - 20.11. 2002

Khaireddin Naziir aka Jasser was Jari's dog. Jasser accompanied Jari to construction sites and huge gravel trucks drove around him rather than disturb the dignified Jasser's nap in the sunlit yard. Jasser had a big heart. When friends came over he had a habit of taking their hands in his mouth to lead them on into the house.

His criminal record included the murder and manslaughter of cats. Occasinally he would kill off my in-law's chickens one by one together with his dam Ulla (we'd buy new ones but they were soon killed too). Sometimes he caused other dogowners grief by biting their dogs...and we had them patched up...

Jasser was a controversial dog, but we miss him very much.