The kennel's first Pinscher puppies (the L-litter) were born on February 2nd, 1989. I received my kennel name, Khaireddin, a short while thereafter, on July 10th, 1989. In all I've bred 3 Pinscher litters (the L-, M- & O-litters). Since then I have completely given up breeding Pinschers and instead focused solely on Salukis.

There was decade's hiatus between my Q- and S-litters, during which I concentrated on raising our human family. With a ten year gap I had to begin my Saluki breeding anew. Another reason was the fact that autoimmune disorders had crept up in my first two Saluki litters (the N- and Q-litters), which led to my decision to exclude all pups from both litters from my breeding program. I was forced to start from scratch.

During the years I had attempted to start anew by aquiring as a possible brood bitch the outgoing and wild liver-grizzle pup Wallaby's Min As-Sahr, who immediately stole my heart. Unfortunately Saarah never saw her second birthday as she died just before it form the autoimmune disorders AIHA and thrombocytopenia.

In the spring of 1998 I imported a white bitch pup, Rahima's Badaliya Azin, aka Liia, from Sweden. Liia's litter was born in the autumn of 2002 and her career as a brood bitch was cut short when she came down with kennel cough in 2003. It morphed into pneumonia and became a chronic infection. Liia's daughter, Santalia, aka Ciira, became the dam of Khaireddin T-litter in the spring 2007.

In the winter of 2006 I imported again from Sweden a cream bitch puppy Yashars Aniiara el Khaireddin, who just gave birth to our U-litter .

The humans in our family are my husband Jari and myself and our children Ida, ( who nowadays lives in Tampere ), Juho and Lauri, as well as our foster child Aku ( who is also soon having his own flat ).