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November 2003

Liia has been in excellent shape since mid-October, wild and rambunctious even. Our family, friends and vet have been especially pleased with her recovery.

At the end of October Liia had a check-up at the Helsinki Veterinary Hospital, where her lungs were examined. And naturally Liia would not be Liia if something odd didn't take place at the check-up... greenish goo began dripping from her nostril, meaning that the infection was still not entirely beaten, eventhough the pictures taken of the lungs showed them to be perfectly clean. The vet decided to continue the antibiotics Liia has been on for six months straight for another month. We had intended to cut the dosage in half, but since the secretion of mucus begun again I decided to postpone the reduction of the antibiotics. So, our rejoicing of her full recovery will have to wait a little bit longer.

Our Saluki boys Omar and Hussein are also tremendously lucky. In racing each other around our property, one of them crashed into the aluminum frame of our glass green house, dislodging and dropping four glass panes and dislocating the aluminum pole from its bindings, yet both boys escaped completely unscathed.

September 2003

In mid-July I received a text message on my cell phone, saying that the only bitch in my S-litter, Santalia, was in trouble in her new home. Santalia aka Ciira had indeed been "forgotten" in a dog run without care or food. She weighed less than 16 kg upon her return to us. Ciira had also lost her faith in strangers.

After two months with us Ciira found a new, loving and caring home, where eccentric sighthound antics will come as no surprise, as the owners have previously owned four Afghan Hounds. Ciira will be shown in Jyväskylä on March 15th, if she has regained her weight by then.

Our Saluki Liia is slowly recovering from pneumonia, an after effect of kennel cough. We already feared losing her to this severe and difficult illness, but at this point we are cautiously optimistic. It is possible that Liia's lungs will never completely heal and that they will remain infection-prone.

Liia's conditon has fluctuated - the cough has let up and then her condition has deteriorated. I have now begun using homeopathic remedies together with the synthetic medication, and sent a prayer to God hoping and believing that it is time for Liia to recover. Our next visit to the clinic will be at the end of September, and until then we are using two kinds of antibiotics and a lung expanding remedy, as well as homeopathic Hepar Sulfur D 30.