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December 2005

On December 16th 2005 Jaana Sartesuo and her dog Anni and myself and Omar went on a Kings Tours bus trip to St Petersburg. The border crossing was swift and we made goos time despite a blizzard. We checked in at the Prin hotel, which incidentally was excellent. The following morning we headed to the fabulos show site on the other side of St Petersburg: the rings were completely carpeted, food and drink was served at a restaurant (where dogs and crates were allowed), the restrooms were clean and the schedule perfectly adhered to!

Omar was Best of Breed with a CC, CACIB and the title of Newsky Winner 2005, while Anni was Best of Opposite sex, received a CC and her last CACIB and also got the title of Newsky Winner 2005. The judge was E. Erusalumskaja, Russia. The group judge was E. Bauzhes, Russia, who liked Omar enough to make him Best In Group.

The following day it was still snowing. Our travel agent arranged it so we could keep our hotel rooms until the BIS competition, so we had a day to rest and shop. I was nervous. I could hardly speak or eat. The BIS competition began on time. Hans Muller had fallen ill, so the BIS judging was taken over by Beancovitch, Slovenia. Omar placed 3rd. I was ecstatic. We could head back early and got home in the early am, tired but happy.

After New Year, a little creme saluki puppy Yashars Aniiara, "Harmi", is going to move to live with us and sweeten our lives. We are really expecting her, and hope that time would fly.

Our old "Deeri" (Khaireddin Qatiim) took her last breath three weeks after her 13th birthday (7.12.). Her thread of life was suddenly broken due to illness

November 2005

Time flies. My S-litter has proven itself in the ring and field. Liia is still going strong despite predictions to the contrary, she's off the medication and wild and freedom-loving (in other words she runs away every chance she gets).

Leevi (Khaireddin Sayid) died unexpectedly when he was hit by a car on August 17th 2005. Such a senseless and unjust tragedy. Leevi had had an amazing year. He was one CACIB and one CACIL short of becoming an international show champion as well as an international lure-coursing champion.

Omar (Khaireddin Sarif) won the Open Class at the unofficial sighthound show at Tammsvik on Saturday, July 30th 2005. Unfortunately he did not place in Best Dog. We were royally compensated on Sunday however, when he won the same class at the official Specialty, with his litterbrother Hussein (Khaireddin Saddam) placing second. What a feeling for me as their breeder and owner! The day culminated in Omar placing second in Best Dog, thus receiving the CC and becoming Swedish Champion. I was on cloud nine. The day's pouring rain was forgotten.

Shamali Fasqiya Sadaqa & Khaireddin Sarif

If all goes well Omar will mate the Swedish bitch Shamali Fasqiya Sadaqa in the spring. We hope for active and loving homes for the pups. My plan is to import a dog puppy from this combination, to be placed on breeding terms here in Finland.

Time will tell how these plans will turn out.