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Omar & FasqiyaOmar and Fasqiya, photo: Katarina Pettersson

August 2006

Sadaqa Kassar al Alb Ibn Sarif

Omar's son, Sadaqa Kassar al Alb Ibn Sarif, has moved to Finland to live with Niki (Khaireddin Sayed).

Sadaqa Kassar al Alb Ibn Sarif

July 2006

Omar became Dk champion 27.07. at Brondby international dogshow judged by Rafaelo Malo Alcrudo.

Fasqiya's puppies were born!

Fasqiya's and Omar' puppies (2 + 2) were born today 21st July. We are really proud and happy of the puppies.

An ultrasound has confirmed that the union of Fasqiya and Omar has been fruitful and pups are expected week 29! We eagerly await the birth.

Harmi was BOB-puppy in Forssa. Judge was Tino Pehar from Croatia.

May 2006

Omar and Fasqiya (Shamali Fasqiya Sadaqa) had wonderful weekend together and puppies are expected at week 27.

Harmi was BOB and BIG-3 puppy in Tampere puppy show and BOB-puppy in Tampere group show.

Hussein's and Nanna's (Shafaq Qiccotez la Zahra) mating was not successful and there is not going to be puppies.