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September 2011

11.09. Wallaby's Z-LITTER IS HERE! Viona gave birth to 2 males: grizzle and cream and 5 females: 2 cream and 3 golden. Are you interested in? Ask more:

Saija Juutilainen, Kennel Wallaby's

Marja Blomqvist, Kennel Zuketin

August 2011

06.08.NOW IT'S TRUE:

Khaireddin Tiilai Ja’afari ( Jaffe ) and Wallaby's Yolanda as-Sira ( Viona ) are going to have puppies ( in the week 36 ) at the begin of the September. Viona was ultrasounded yesterday and the result was: six little hearts were beating strongly. So soon we are going to be able to meet this Wallaby's saluki litter. Can we wait?

Are you interested in these becoming puppies? Please contact to one of us:

Saija Juutilainen, Kennel Wallaby's

Marja Blomqvist, Kennel Zuketin

Mirja-Leena Lassila, Kennel Khaireddin

Photos Sanna-Maija Helevä

July 2011

17.07. Viima got her first CAC in Oulu. Judge was Raisa Savander, Finland.

16.07. Jaffe got his last CACIB in Piteå, Sweden and on the same time he became also Swedish Champion. Judge was Rita Reyniers.

Photo Ingrid Moholm

February 2011

Musti&Mirri puppy Cup Lohja 20.02.2011, judge Säde Hohteri, 14 Saluki pups entered.

Kennel Khaireddin BIS-2 breeder class.

Kirman Domius BOS ja Khaireddin Waliya BOB

Khaireddin Wazir

Khaireddin Wazir

Khaireddin Watan

January 2011

09.01. Viima grows up

October 2010


Kennel Gullmola has three saluki puppies without loving homes. Do you have place for a one?

25.10. All our puppies from W-litter do have new homes. Also Harmi's and Clinton's DLA-test results are here: They both are heterozygous.

September 2010

15.09. One boy from our W-litter is still without own loving home.

15.09. Our new family member Khaireddin Waliya alias Viima

August 2010

July 2010

13.07. Here we are: Khaireddin W-litter!

12.07. Harmi's and Clinton's puppies are here!

05.07. Harmi takes it easy before the puppies.

June 2010

29.06. I discovered today how the puppies were moving inside Harmi. Puppies are growing!

Yashars Aniiara el Khaireddin

16.06. Harmi's and Clinton's puppies are going to be born in the middle of July.

08.06. Harmi was in ultrasound and we saw about 3-5 puppies.

March 2010

30.03. Our next litter-W is going to be born in the end of the summer. As a father there will be a black grizzle saluki male called Clinton alias FI CH Imran Ad'Astra Ibn Rammah. From the

Salukiclub's webpage you will find his foto. And as a mother is our Harmi called Yashars Aniiara el Khaireddin.

13.03. at Lithuanian, Vilnius JAFFE became LT CH and LITHUANIAN WINNER 2010. Next day 14.03. HARMI became also LT CH and VILNIUS CUP 2010 WINNER. At the same time she became also FI CH, EE CH and LV CH. We had a nice trip.

10.03. Harmi was confirmed as an INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION

December 2009

05.12. JAFFE BECAME a RUS CH and 06.12. RKF CH in St.Petersburg, Russia!

November 2009

August 2009

16.08. Jaffe is FI CH!

Usin perhe

08.08. Usi is now in the Czech Republic with his new family Stepanka, Tomas and Abaya

July 2009

Cissyn perhe

18.07. Cissy with her new family Pirjo, Petri, Piretta and Pepita

Unton perhe

18.07. Unto with his new family Hellevi, Eero and Ritva

Lunan perhe

18.07. Luna with her new owner Anni

Ullan perhe

17.07. Ulla with her new family Ari-Pekka, Anne, Enni and Oona

May 2009

22.05. Puppies are here! All males are cream and 2 girls are golden and 1 is white. I'm so happy!

U-litter will born VERY soon!

April 2009

We ARE going to have puppies in May!

March 2009

22.03. Harmi and Emppu have been mated the first time.

14.03. Harmi became an INT CH* at Lithuania, Vilnius (judge Markku Mähönen). I'm so glad and happy!

21.02. Engagement fotos have been taken in Otalampi.

November 2008

Next spring 2009 our Harmi is hopefully going to have puppies with Kuriirin Empedor May.
More about Emppu kennel Kuriirin homepages



September 2008

Our S-litter is today 2008.09.01. six years old!

March 2008

Harmi got her first finnish CC at Lappeenranta INT 24.3. (judge Marija Kavcic)!


Omar & Mirkku Omar & Mirkku

Omar became an INT CH at Lithuania, Vilna 15.3. (judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden). I'm very happy!


February 2008

Khaireddin Qaduum

Khaireddin Qaduum has passed away in 16.2.2008 at age of 15 years and 3 months.